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Cold and rainy? Visit a Kaffebar!


Coffee is serious business in Norway. It is culture, art and socializing.

Norway has for a long time been one of the countries with the highest amount of coffee drinkers. 9 out of 10 adults drink coffee, and every year we consume approximately 1200 cups each.

Even if all families have a decent coffee maker at home, and coffee is the natural choice to offer someone popping in, coffee shops are good business as well. In every city and town in Norway, you will find one or more Kaffebarer, and in Oslo they are at almost every corner.


A former student of mine compared Starbucks with our coffee shops in one of her blog posts, and her conclusion was this: “The similarities between Norway’s kaffe culture and Seattle’s coffee lore end, however, at the front door.”  I have no idea about how the coffee culture is in Seattle or other places in the US, but I know that here work is work, and coffee is conversation and relaxing.

The pictures in this post are from the local coffee shops here at Torshov in Oslo. As Oliver Strand writes in his coffee blog in New York Times: “The fact is, you don’t need to try that hard to get a good coffee in Oslo. You could go to any of the more than 20 locations of Kaffebrenneriet and get a drink made with more skill and better ingredients than almost anything you’ll find in Paris or Rome, or a number of places you think of as having a vibrant coffee culture.”


Just look out for a Kaffebar, go inside and order a freshly made cup of quality coffee, and relax :-)