Kurt Wallander is a fictional character created by the Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell.

The crime novel Hogget is about the young Kurt Wallander when he is only 21 years. He has a girlfriend named Mona. Wallander lives in Malmø and works as a police officer patrolling the streets of Malmø. He is not happy with his job since he is much more interested in criminal investigation than being out in the streets.

A warm summer day Wallander finds his neighbour shot and dead. Finally Wallander gets the chance to test his skills as an investigator. If he is able to solve this case, he will get a job in the criminal investigation department. At the same time he has to take care of the
relationship between him and Mona.


“A small taste”

This edition, which the exercises are based on, is an easy reader version, translated from Swedish to Norwegian.


Here you will find online exercises belonging to the first chapters. More will come :-)

Exercise 1 (Chapter 1)
Exercise 2 (Chapter 1)
Exercise 3 (Chapter 2)
Exercise 4 (Chapter 3)


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