Naiv Super

Naiv Super


The book is about 2 months in the life of the 25 year old narrator who loses interest in his life. He quits his MA course, sells his books and TV, moves out of his bedsit and into his brother’s flat whilst his brother is away on business. He is reading a book on time and the universe, the quantum theories of which deeply disturb him. He becomes obsessed by time and at the enormity of the size of the universe. The book is a series of anecdotes in which he tries to discover the reason for his life. He writes amusing lists, he throws a ball against a wall for hours on end, he faxes a meteorologist friend, he befriends a 5 year old boy, he dates a girl who he meets with the boy and finally he ends up in New York visiting his brother. At the end of the book he does discover reasons for living. A strangely compelling discourse into a troubled mind, the kind of troubles we all have.

(ISBN: 9788202192808)

“A small taste”

Open Utdrag Naiv Super  and read the first pages of the book.

At the same time you can listen to the author reading the same pages.


These exercises are made by Nancy Aaarsvold and Kari Lie.

This page contains summaries of the chapters plus exercises to see if you understand the book correctly. This is all written in Norwegian, so it’s an excellent resource for those Norwegian learners who have read Naiv Super.





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