Flåklypa Grand Prix (1975/2005)

The most popular Norwegian film ever.

Ludvig postkasse


In the town of Flåklypa the inventor Reodor Felgen lives with his animal friends Ludvig (a nervous, pessimistic and melancholic hedgehog) and Solan (a cheerful and optimistic magpie). Reodor works as a bicycle repairman, though he spends most of his time inventing strange things. One day, the trio discovers that one of Reodor’s former assistants; Rudolf Blodstrupmoen has stolen his design for a racecar engine and has become a world champion Formula One driver. Solan secures funding from an Arab oil sheik who happens to be vacationing in Flåklypa, and to enter the race, the trio builds a gigantic racing car: Il Tempo Gigante—a fabulous construction with two extremely big engines, a body made out of copper, a spinning radar (that turns out to be useful when Blodstrupmoen starts engaging in smoke warfare during the race) and its own blood bank. Reodor ends up winning despite Blodstrupmoen’s attempts at sabotage.

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Kvinnen i mitt liv (2003)

A romantic comedy

Kvinnen i mitt liv


Jakob is an imigration legislative. He changes girlfriends like he changes his socks and is less than responsible when it comes to being there for his family. But all this changes when he meets the charming (and hot!) doctor Nina. Now he must decide if he will give up his carefree, superficial life to be with the woman he loves.

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Elling (2001)

A lot more than just a  comedy



The movie deals with the main character, Elling, a man in his 40s, and his struggle to function normally in society. He suffers from anxiety, dizziness, and neurotic tendencies, preventing him from living on his own. Elling has lived with his mother for his entire life, and when his mother dies, the authorities take him from the apartment where he has always lived and send him to an institution. His roommate is the simpleminded, sex-obsessed Kjell Bjarne. The Norwegian government pays for the two to move into an apartment in Oslo, where every day is a challenge as they must prove they can get out into the real world and lead relatively normal lives. With the help of social worker Frank and a few new friends, they learn to break free from their respective conditions.

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En ganske snill mann (2010)

A dark comedy mixed with crime

En ganske snill mann


Sara Marsh from Reuters wrote about the film and called it a delightful if still-dark comedy. 

Sara Marsh wrote this:

It starts bleak, like quite a few Scandinavian films before it. Then “A Somewhat Gentle Man,” a Norwegian movie screened at the Berlin Film Festival on Monday, warms into a delightful if still-dark comedy.

Grey-haired gangster Ulrik, just out of a 12-year jail sentence for murder, stumbles from one tricky situation to another. He is supposed to kill someone but has gone soft.

“These are people who aren’t in the top tier of society, and probably not at the prime of their life, and it’s amusing to see how they struggle to retain a sliver of dignity,” director Hans Petter Moland told a news conference at the world premiere.

“It’s really hard to age with any sort of dignity, well knowing that you aren’t necessarily young, beautiful and rich and happy, and all these other things we are supposed to aspire to,” the Norwegian added.

Ulrik leaves prison and returns to the vestiges of his former life, where his gangster boss — complete with thick gold chain and half-wit sidekick — is waiting for him to kill the snitch that ratted on him.

But Ulrik, who ends up getting entangled in a hilarious love triangle with his bosses’ troll-like older sister and a younger rival, is suddenly hesitant about the hit and instead starts devoting his energy to re-connecting with his grown-up son.

In the meantime, he keeps getting seduced by different women while he’s trying to eat his dinner. He does go to kill the snitch but gives up when the frightened target wets his pants. So they sit down for a cup of tea instead.

The film plays with gangster stereotypes and weaves in slapstick comedy and scenes of human pathos, trying to break down the idea that a murderer is simply a bad guy.

“In Scandinavia, we reject the simplistic idea there are only good guys and bad guys, which is really healthy,” said Stellan Skarsgard, the Swedish star who plays Ulrik.

Skarsgard, who has featured in Hollywood films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Mamma Mia!,” added: “If you want to make films about people, they should be silly, funny, beautiful, tragic and moving, as we’re all of those things.”

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Medieval helpdesk

A video showing what helpdesk support was like back in the medieval.



In 2007 Computerworld placed this one on top of their list of the 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube, and they wrote about it:

“This video is flat-out funny — like laugh-out-loud funny. If you click on nothing else, click on this! It depicts a “medieval help desk” staffer giving a few pointers to a user on handling a new technology.”


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