Upperdog (2009)

A film from the modern Norway.



As children, two different Norwegian families adopted the siblings Yanne and Axel, and since then they have been separated. Yanne grows up in a lower-middleclass family on the east side of Oslo, when Axels’ parents are a wealthy couple from Oslo’s west side.

Yanne remember them being separated and wants to see her brother again, while Axel doesn’t remember anything. Maria, Yanne`s Polish friend works part time as a house keeper at Axels` parents, and one day she discovers a photo of Axel as a young boy, the same type of photo that she has seen in Yanne`s apartment.

Maria also begins a totally inappropriate affair with Axel that leads to a lot of complications, and Yanne gets involved with a young man struggling with the aftermath of an incident as a soldier in Afghanistan.

Suddenly these four people are linked in a way they never planned to be.

Available with English subtitles.

Kristin Lavransdatter (1995)

A medieval love story

Kristin Lavransdatter


Kristin is the daughter of a prominent landowner in medieval Norway. She grows up in total harmony with the ideals of the time: strong family ties, social pride and devout Christianity. She accepts the fact that her father has arranged for her to marry the son of another landowner. Kristin’s beauty and purity create violent emotions around her. There are envy and attempted rape, murder and revenge. She seeks refuge from the world in a convent, awaiting the time for her marriage. Here the passion of her life strikes, the knight Erlend Nikulaussonn. He, an accomplished seducer, also falls hopelessly in love. They have to cross not only convent walls to meet, but social boundaries as well. Their love cannot be kept secret, and suddenly the innocent Kristin is the centre of a scandal. Her fiance withdraws from their engagement, her father rages, and Erlend’s former mistress tries to poison her. The affair grows into a political issue, and finally some of the country’s most dignified leaders persuade Lavrans to give in. The lovers win each other, but it is in front of a charred altar in a burnt down church, and their happiness has a double edge.

Kristin Lavransdatter is the common name for a trilogy
of historical novels written by Sigrid Undset. This work formed the basis of Undset receiving the 1928 Nobel Prize of
Literature, “principally for her powerful descriptions of Northern life during the Middle Ages”; her work is much admired for
its historical and ethnological accuracy.

Available with English subtitles



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