Location of things and people, part 2

How to use the verbs “sette” , “sitte” and “stå”

When we are talking about where something or someone is located, we use five different verbs in Norwegian.

å sette (place, put, set)

If we are going to place something vertical, we will use the verb ”å sette”.

”Hun setter koppen på bordet.”

 ”Jeg setter meg på stolen.”

When something already is placed vertical, you have to choose between the verbs
“å sitte” and “å stå”

 å sitte (sit, be seated)

When a person has placed him or her self somewhere, we use the verb ”å sitte”.
”Jeg sitter på stolen.”

å stå (stand, be)

When we has placed a thing somewhere, we use the verb ”å stå”.
”Koppen står på bordet.”

Conjugation of sette, sitte and stå

Infinitive Present Past Present perfect
å sette setter satte har satt
å sitte sitter satt har sittet
å stå står stod har stått

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