Location of things and people, part 1

How to use the verbs “legge” and “ligge”

When we are talking about where something or someone is located, we use five different verbs in Norwegian.

 å legge (put, lay, place)

If we are going to place something horizontal, we will use the verb “å legge”

”Jeg legger avisen på bordet”
 ”Jeg legger meg på sofaen.”

å ligge (lie)

When something already is placed horizontal, you have to use the verb “å ligge”

”Nå ligger avisen på bordet.”
 ”Nå ligger jeg på sofaen.”


“Å legge” is a transitive verb, used to describe movement.
“Å ligge” is an intransitive verb describing that something is at one specific place.

“Å legge seg” is a reflexive verb, and means go to bed, or lay down.

 How to conjugate legge and ligge?

Infinitive Present Past Present perfect
å legge legger la har lagt
å ligge ligger har ligget

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