Scheme for subordinated clauses

In the scheme the sentence is divided in to three parts: konunksjonsfelt, midtfelt and sluttfelt.

You will find some letters here that are a kind of codes. 

To benefit from this scheme, you need some basic knowledge about different sentence elements.

The small “v” is the place for verbs in present tense and past tense.

At the small “n”  you can only find the subject.

The small “a” is the place for sentence adverbials.

At the big “V”  you can find either verbs in infinitive or participle.

The big “N”  is the place for direct and indirect objects.

Finally, the big “A” is where we can place adverbials.


A subordinate clause cannot stand alone and give complete meaning. It must be attached to a main clause.



Han sier at han ikke kan spise sjokolade i dag. 
  (He says that he can’t eat chocolate today .)

Adverbial clauses

Han er sint fordi han ikke kan spise sjokolade i dag.  
  (He is angry because he can’t eat chocolate today.)

Da han spiste sjokolade i går, ble han syk. 
(When he eat chocolate yesterday he got sick.)

Hvis du vil spise sjokolade, kan jeg kjøpe en til deg. 
  (If you want to eat chocolate I can buy you one.)

Selv om du liker å spise sjokolade, er det ikke sunt. 
  (Even if you like to eat chocolate it is not healthy.)

Interrogative clauses

Hun spurte om jeg ville spise sjokolade. 
  (She asked if I wanted to eat chocolate.)

Jeg vet ikke hvor jeg kan kjøpe sjokolade. 
  (I don’t know where I can buy chocolate.)

Vet du hva sjokoladen heter? 
(Do you know the name of the chocolate?)



  n a v V N A
  subject sentence adverbial presentpast  infinitive indirecteobject adverbial
  participle object  
at  han  ikke  kan  spise  sjokolade  i dag. 
fordi han  ikke   kan   spise   sjokolade   i dag. 
  Da  han     spiste      sjokolade   i går
  hvis du    vil  spise  sjokolade   
 Selv om du    liker  å spise  sjokolade   
 om jeg    ville  spise  sjokolade   
 hvor jeg    kan  kjøpe  sjokolade.   
 hva  sjokoladen    heter      

Be aware that the structure of a subordinate clause is less flexible than that of a main clause.

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