Personal pronouns

Norwegian personal pronouns are, as in English, declined in case with a subject form and a an object form.

Subject form

Object form


Jeg (I) meg (me)
du (you) deg (you)
han (he) han/ham (him)
hun (she) henne (her)
den (it masculine/feminine) den (it masculine/feminine)
det (it neuter) det (it neuter)


vi (we) oss (us)
dere (you) dere (you)
de (they) dem (them)


Because of the gender system in nouns,Norwegian has two different pronouns for the English pronoun “it”. If you are talking about a thing that is feminine or masculine, you will have to use “den”. If you are referring to a neutral noun, the word “det” will be the correct one.


Han har en  fin bil . Jeg liker den.

(He has a fine car. I like it.)


Hun har et  hyggelig hus.  Jeg liker det .

(She has a nice house. I like it.)

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