The gender system

There are very few logical rules to figure out the gender of a Norwegian noun. The best way is to learn the article together with the word.

There are three genders in Norwegian:


en gutt (a boy), en bil (a car) etc.


ei jente (a girl), ei klokke (a clock) etc.


et barn (a child), et bord (a table) etc.

It is not easy to find out if a noun is masculine, feminine or neuter in Norwegian. In general there are no logical rules. In most cases the gender must be learned for each separate noun.



Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
en gutt gutten gutter guttene
ei jente jenta jenter jentene
et bord bordet bord bordene


Be aware of the fact that for many nouns it is optional to use feminine or masculine form. At least 90% of feminine nouns can be used in masculine form as well. It is totally up to you what you choose :-)

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