Kampen-an area close to the Munch museum

Are you going to visit the Munch museum? Do not return to the city centre immediately after your visit. Instead you should spend some time to explore the area around .

Follow this way , and suddenly you will be in a totally different part of Oslo, called Kampen. Since this area didn’t become a part of the city before in 1878 it is mainly dominated of small, charming, old wooden houses and narrow streets. This is a nice place just to walk around, and do nothing.  What you actually can do is to enjoy a coffee at Javelin  in Bøgata.


Kampeparken is situated at the highest point, and in periods without too much vegetation, you can have a great view over the city and the hills surrounding Oslo.

Are you really hungry and want a decent lunch, you can pop into Dileks. This is a relaxed cafeteria, not fancy at all, but has probably one of the best eggs and fried potatoes portions in the whole city. They have a vide range of lunches, included vegetarian offers, and for approximately 100,-NOK you will get enough food to survive for many hours:)

Kampen was earlier a workers area, and many years ago this area apparently had so many communists that it from time to time was called Petrograd. Back in 1878 it was a battle between workers and police/military soldiers up here, later on known as Onsumslaget, named after the fabric owner who was the main reason for the riot.


Today Kampen is a very popular residential area, but has still remained some of its earlier atmosphere and it is very different from what you can see in the western parts of Oslo.

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