Akerselva- the heart of Oslo

Oslo is surrounded by nature with the fjord and forests, and in the middle: the river Akerselva. 


It is possible to walk along the river all the 8 km from the fjord and up to Maridalsvannet. Or you can just walk a short distance. Actually, you don’t have to walk at all. You can find your self a bench at the riverbank, relax and watch all the different types of people passing you.



If you do decide to walk, you will find plenty of nice places to stop for a coffee, beer or something to eat.




Today, after too many days with rain and cold, the sun was finally back. I asked my camera to join me for a walk along the river, and luckily it behaved the way I wanted:) Since I live close to the river, I know this area well, and I love it! Not only because it is a beautiful place, but also because of the history. This is where everything started around 1850, the place that made Oslo into a modern city as a result of the industrial revolution.



The river is an important part of Oslo’s cultural heritage, and still the old fabric buildings are left, but with totally different content. The fabric workers have been replaced of galleries, restaurants, music halls, TV-studios and a vide range of other businesses. The river is still the same, or actually it is much cleaner than 30 years ago.



If you happen to be in Oslo around the 22nd of September, you ought to attend the arrangement Elvelangs. This evening all the electrical lights are turned off along the river, and thousands of torches lit up the. All the way along the river there are music, dance, theatre and other cultural experiences. And you will definitely not feel lonely. Every year around 30 000 people are out walking this evening. You can see pictures from Elvelangshere.

Do you have some spare time, or just want to get away from the city centre? Take a stroll along Akerselva. I am quite sure you will never regret.