A small glance at the Norwegian world of compound words.

Compound words are a common part of Norwegian vocabulary. We have thousands of them, made of two or three words and never written separately. In Norwegian a compound word is always written in one word!

Besides, some combinations are more frequently used than others. A word we really appreciate is the word “små” in a lot of different combinations.

Actually it was a student of mine who asked if I had ever noticed how often this specific word is in use. I had to admit that I had never paid any attention to it, but of course he is correct. We do use it a lot. In the meaning of little, slightly etc

Instead of saying: “Det er litt kaldt ute” (It is a little cold outside) you can say: “Det er småkaldt ute” A film might be “småmorsom”, and if you do not feel completely well you might tell that you are “småsyk”

What ever you do, please remember:  a compound word is always written in one word. It is absolutely a difference between “småmorsomme historier”  (a slightly amusing stories) and  små, morsomme historier (small, funny stories.)