“I feel about the meeting”

It is hardly a big surprise that one can feel a lot of different things during a meeting, but this was probably not what the speaker had in mind. Most likely he has used the wrong word for to know….

In Norwegian we have to different words that both means to know: vite  and kjenne. What is totally logical for Norwegians may cause you a bit of trouble.

Å kjenne  have two basic meanings: to be familiar with someone or to describe a physical sense of feeling. This is the only word for to know that you can use about a person.

Han kjenner  Lise. (He knows Lise)
Hun kjenner  kulden. (She feels the cold.)

Å vite  means to have knowledge about something or be aware of something. This verb is never used for knowing a person.

Jeg vet  hvem hun er, men jeg kjenner  henne ikke. (I have information about her, but I do not know her personally.)

Regardless your feelings when you attend meetings; the correct headline should be:
Jeg vet om møtet. (I am aware of the fact that it will be a meeting.)