“The Norwegian trick of dropping every G in sight when they pronounce”

This headline is borrowed from one of my students and describes what he finds especially frustrating with our language.

Norwegian has a lot of silent letters (letters that are written but not pronounced) and the letter G is one of them. The main problem is that this G is not always silent, but if it appears in the end of a word, it is probably not pronounced. (at least not in standardized Norwegian called bokmål)

Many Norwegian adjectives end in a G, and you are not supposed to pronounce it. Words like “hyggelig” (nice) and “lykkelig”(happy) are pronounced “hyggeli” and “lykkeli” . Even when they are declined and get a plural ending, you will not hear the G. If you want to tell about some nice persons: “hyggelige personer” the correct way to pronounce it will be: “hyggelie personer” .