Last weekend I walked to Paris :-)

Many foreigners in Norway seem to be in amazingly good shape and able to walk everywhere. Or perhaps we should look for another explanation?

The two small words to go/å gå  is the source of the confusion. One upon a time they were closely related, like twins, before they gradually went in different directions. Sometimes they still meet in phrases related to attend something (go to the cinema/gå på kino ) but most of the time they express different activities.

Å gå  means to walk in Norwegian, not to travel. When someone tries to translate I went to Paris with Jeg gikk til Paris , they are actually saying that they walked to Paris. Hopefully they had a nice trip.

Instead of using gå  when you want to tell where you have been or are planning to go, you ought to use dra  or reise.  A rule of thumb is to use reise  if you are talking about a long journey and dra   if it?s just a short distance. (Jeg reiste til Paris/I went to Paris but Jeg dro ned til byen /I went downtown ) Since the word dra  is more flexible and can be used both for short and long distances, you can choose to concentrate on that and forget about reise.

Have a nice trip!